Q&A with Bryan Boggs, General Manager of Clandeboye Estate Yoghurts

Q&A with Bryan Boggs, General Manager of Clandeboye Estate Yoghurts

Q. Where is Clandeboye yogurt produced?

A. Clandeboye Yoghurt is produced in North Down, as part of the Clandeboye Estate in Bangor. Clandeboye is the only yoghurt actually produced in Northern Ireland.

Q. How long have your products been on the shelves of SPAR & EUROSPAR?

A. We have been supplying yoghurt to SPAR and EUROSPAR for about 8 years now. They are one of our most important customers, having such could coverage right across Northern Ireland.

Q. What is your favourite flavour?

A. My personal favourite at the minute is our new Mandarin and Lime Greek style yoghurt, although our plain Greek Style is hard to beat. It actually won best Yoghurt in the UK this year in the Q Awards and top dairy product from a small producer!

Q. What is your favourite  SPAR enjoy local product?

A. My favourite SPAR enjoy local product is the Lemon Layered with Greek Style, really refreshing. (I also love the Madagascan Vanilla).

Q. What is a Clandeboye Yogurt signature serve?

A. As Mentioned above our signature product is probably our Authentically Strained Greek Style yoghurt! (Top yoghurt in UK in the Q Awards, Gold in the Irish Quality Awards and 3 Stars in the Great Taste Awards). Serve that up with some Granola, fresh fruit or Honey and breakfast is ready!

Q. Describe a typical day in the life of a Clandeboye Holstein or Jersey cow?

A. Our cows are so well looked after, Mark our head Herdsman, knows every one of them by name, from Clandeboye Evita to Clandeboye Cookie. Depending on season they are either out in the fields at Clandeboye or in doors each with their own mattress in the shed beside the parlour. They are milked twice a day about 6am and 5pm. As our entire herd is pedigree some are also shown at Agricultural shows throughout the year, they get plenty of prep coming up to shows, clipped, shampooed and more! Our whole ethos on the farm is quality not quantity so adding value to the milk through the yoghurt has allowed us to stay with a relatively small herd of just 100 cows meaning we can avoid the large “Factory Farm” style of set up.

Q. Holstein cow or Jersey cow?

A. We milk both Jersey and Holsteins on the farm and I suppose it is that bit of Jersey milk in the mix that helps make our yoghurt a little bit different, so Jerseys would be my favourite. Also they are a lot more photogenic!