Q&A with Alison Seaney, Owner of Big Pot Co.

Q&A with Alison Seaney, Owner of Big Pot Co.

Q. Tell us about Big Pot Co?

A. Big pot Co. was created in 2009 with a passion to develop and produce the best range of fresh, wholesome, convenient local soups for retail and foodservice markets.  As a family business we are very proud of what we produce and  are planning to add some exciting new products for our 10th Anniversary this year.  (Real – Simple – Goodness)...

Q. What flavours have you created for the SPAR enjoy local range?

A. The old favourites work best locally: Vegetable, Chicken & Vegetable, Potato & leek and Carrot & Coriander Soup.

Q. What local farmers and growers do you work with to create your products? 

A. I was raised on an Northern Ireland farm and am a huge supporter of our great local farmers because it’s fresher & I know exactly how it’s grown.  Vegetables come from Co. Armagh producers and dairy products from N. Ireland’s largest farmer owned co-op.

Q. Where do you draw inspiration from when developing new recipes?

A. As a food technologist my true passion is new product development.  I draw inspiration from a number of sources, my kids (best critics!), market  research trends (Veganism), Diet trends (low sugar, high protein, Great local fresh raw materials, travel & eating out.

Q. Do you plan to extend the range beyond soups?

A. Yes I’m inspired to produce fresh wholesome exciting new products to provide breakfast, lunch & tea options in convenient formats to meet time pressured busy lifestyles such as nutritious meal pots which we are working on.

Q. There is a conscious effort in the food industry to move away from plastic and use more sustainable packaging solutions. What is Big Pot Co. doing to help tackle this issue?  

A. We are working with our packaging suppliers to try and find solutions that are more sustainable which are still value for money.   We are also working with Henderson’s to develop business in the serve over counters in SPARs which can be heated & served hot in recyclable packaging.

Q. Describe your ideal Big Pot Co. moment?

A. Getting our great local wholesome soups to be a weekly staple in every household’s shopping basket!