The ‘Your Community Supermarket’ campaign was born earlier this year and now we are going to launch our new EUROSPAR TV advert.  Every positive element that a EUROSPAR store brings to a community is covered in this new TV commercial. We have also teamed up with YouTube sensation and popular country singer, Marty Mone! Get to know Marty Mone a bit more...

Q&A with Marty Mone

Q1. Can you tell us a bit about your career as a musician to date?                                                                         

I started driving tractors and playing the guitar at 10 years of age. Then I started working full time driving diggers and lorries and playing in a band at 15. So, 15 years later I wrote Hit The Diff when I was out driving on the road, it was about my job and daily life. As soon as I put it on YouTube I knew within a few hours it was going to take off.

Q2. What is it that sets your gigs apart from everyone else in the country music scene?      

I like to sing and play cover songs with that wilder and 'yeeha' feel to them. People seem to love it and because I write all my own songs and only put original songs on my CD's, people love to hear me sing live because I play them with more passion because I know exactly where they come from.

Q3. If you had five minutes to do a EUROSPAR trolley dash what would be your must have items and why?

I have to avoid wheat and dairy so I would need to stay away from them, but if I saw a nice cake with wheat and dairy in it, I would probably take it.

Q4. If you were to host a dinner party for three well known personalities who would you choose and what would you cook for them?

Rihanna, Jeremy Clarkson and Shakira and if I could cook I would try chicken supreme, pepper sauce and mash.

Q5. What is your favourite thing to do when not touring/gigging?

Sleeping! I love getting time out to do the odd run in the lorry or my Ford MK2 Escort, it inspires me to write new music.

Marty talks community with EUROSPAR